The spirit of sports!

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Musicating MLSI!!

The PY 2 working on a song which is medley of east and west!

Gr 2 preparing a group song
Pitching of the Gandharvas ! (PY 2)

EY 3, getting a hands on with percussion! 1-2-3-4 …

Percussionists in ensemble!!
Little Mozarts At work! (EY 3)

Journey Begins!


We are happy to publish our first blog for the MLSI community !! The blog aims at bringing alive to you the wonderful experiences that we all learners are living here at MLSI !! So while you are away, you still feel close to the MLSI family and stay connected, as well as share your views and ideas, thus partnering in the growth of this sapling…

We welcome one and all aboard the exciting journey…

Of discovering the talents within….

Of seeking knowledge…

In the quest of carving our own niche…

Bonn Voyage!


The Blog Team